Hosting & Domains


Your first step is to register a domain name, i.e. the address of your website. The best domain names are often short, snappy, easy to remember and generally related to your business – most companies opt for their business name. : from £3.50 p.a
.com .net .org .biz .info : from £10.00 p.a.


Whilst having your business name makes sense, sometimes choosing a common search phrase for your domain can often improve your rankings on some search engines.

As an example – if you are a sofa shop wanting to sell sofas online and you are targeting the UK, you may want to consider

This, coupled with a correctly optimised page would stand a better chance of gaining a number one ranking on some search engines for the key phrase “UK sofa”.

However, the domain name forms only a very small part of the overall picture for a high ranking website so don’t always be put off by using your company’s own address.

If you are interested in registering a domain name please provide us with a list of relevant addresses as sometimes the name has been already used.

Ideally if you are based in the UK you want a address as people will remember that more and Google notes that you’re a UK business for SEO purposes.

You can however have a .com,, .net,, .info or .biz. We will review your choice and send details of availability and offer advice on alternatives if your choice is not available.

Be there!

Once you have a domain name your site’s pages and any databases need to be stored on a web server and email accounts set up.

When a potential customer logs on to your website, they will connect to another computer known as a server to download your pages to their computer. It is vital that both the server can cope with high numbers of visitors connecting at any one time and that it is reliable with maximum up-time to ensure minimum loss of business.

We can arrange for your website to be hosted through a reliable and competitively priced host.

Prices start from £80 per year
(includes a 30 day rolling daily back up – great insurance against those pesky hackers.)