Search Engine Optimisation

Be found!

Search Engine Optimisation – normally known by its acronym SEO is one of the most crucial components of your online success. There are no shortcuts to success in this important area for having a successful web presence. It boils down to knowledge of the rules and knowing what not to do as much as knowing all the things that you can do – that’s where bespoke comes in.

So what makes a high ranking website that will hold great results for the long term? Answer – effort! It is the process of selecting and positioning a website’s targeted keywords and key phrases to ensure that the site appears high on search engine results lists when those keyword phrases are used as part of a web search.

Even if your site is one of the best designed websites available, with great functional facilities and offers a unique product, if it has not been optimised properly, then there is every chance it will not be seen on the search engines or ranked as highly as it could be.

So where do bespoke web designs come in?

As part of our web design service, once your website has been built and optimised, we will go to each of the major search engines to tell them that your site exists and set up an account you can use to help track your visitors and keywords. Then just sit and wait! This will be enough to get your business online, found and generate new sales naturally.

However it’s a dog eat dog world out there on the internet and sometimes your existing website may be struggling in the search engines due to for example poor content or a highly competitive area of the market. At bespoke web designs we offer a search engine optimisation consultation service with a health check on your website to spot any errors with the code or content that may be holding you back. We can then make the necessary changes to improve your current search engine ranking.