Soul Soother

There’s something about live music that soothes the soul. Maybe it’s because you focus your attention on the sound and the lyrics to a far greater degree than when you’re listening to it whilst you’re washing up or baking a cake or driving (my usual places). You can’t do anything but listen when you’re at a live gig, there’s no distractions, just you and the music.

I’m a lyrics person; I like the lyrics to be meaningful to me; about something I believe in or can connect to. The best songs seem so simple but they’re a multi-faceted work of art which, not being particularly musical, I find hard to comprehend. Where do they begin? What makes one song work whilst another fail?

Luckily for me I don’t need to worry about that; I realise my limitations and take pleasure from listening to ‘those that can’. One client who falls into that category and certainly knows her C from her F chords is Plymouth born singer songwriter Diana Johnstone. We’ve just launched her website and having listened to her tracks are looking forward to hearing her sing live and soothe our souls sometime soon. Read more about her and listen to some of her well written tunes at