It’s all in the design

We’ve been pleased to work on the development of the re-design of Exeter based graphic designers, Carma Creative who have been working hard to produce a well optimised, well written and highly accessible website to showcase their latest graphic design projects.

Using Carma’s trademark purple hues, designer Phil Pell gave us a website design after our own hearts; making good use of white space, uncluttered and above all easy to navigate. From this we built him a content managed site in our favourite CMS of the moment, WordPress. We can’t say a bad word about it; it’s easy for the user and with its highly versatile plugins is a developer’s dream – slideshows, online forms, smooth multi-level navigational menus and even plugins to help with SEO and the hot topic of the moment, social media which we’ll talk about more in our next blog.

So just how important is design?

We take graphic design for granted these days as it’s everywhere we go. Take for instance a trip to the supermarket, where we’re bombarded with all manner of products vying for our attention, each with its own design carefully thought of to stand out among the myriad of other products stacked on the shelves.

Think of your website as a virtual can of baked beans if you like; customers have limited time to shop so any product that has got to the virtual shelf (i.e. a top page Google search listing) through good SEO then needs to be attractive to the consumer and shout out ‘I’m what you’re looking for, pick me!’. That spark of interest will then get the consumer to reach onto the shelf and pick out your site and start to read the contents and if they like what they see and read then chances are your product will be in that shopping basket and on its way to the checkout …

In today’s virtual supermarket, can you afford not to take design seriously?

That’s why we like Carma Creative. They are serious about good design and like helping their clients realise the potential of their product or service.

Value baked bean or Heinz … it’s your choice.