Finding some social time

So your website is up and running and you’re feeling pretty good after all the content you’ve put together. You’ve listened to your web designer harping on about SEO this and keywords that and not only is your website keyword rich, it even has great h1 headers AND unique page meta tags. So now you can sit back and relax and let your customers find you, right? Hmm not so fast; once upon a time that may be on the whole true, but these days with the event of social media there’s just a little bit more work you could to do.

The most savvy business owner is now using this tool to enhance and promote their business to an even greater level. It doesn’t have to take a lot of work but it does need a bit more input from you; but don’t worry it can even be fun!

Last week I met up with Gleny Brookes, a freelance business associate and social media guru. Her wide and varied skill base is of value to any sole trader or small business. We discussed her website that we’ve just launched for her and I picked her brains about social media and its benefits.

Time is precious and thankfully social media doesn’t have to take up too much of yours for your business to reap its benefits. There‘s even clever widgets that broadcast any updates you make to other social media sites making things even simpler. To find out more about this service have a look at Gleny’s website at and give her call to see how it might benefit your business.