Can WordPress Do No Wrong?

Our love affair with WordPress as a content management system is still as strong as ever. Of course like any relationship there’s a few ups and downs along the way; new plugins that don’t quite do what you’re after can cause minor tiffs and shopping carts that don’t work after an upgrade can lead to stony silences. But all in all we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s lightweight, flexible and user friendly – what more could a web designer want?

Well, like any good web developer worth their salt we like to keep up to date with what’s going on in the web design world and learn about new plugins or themes or tips and tricks to give our clients and those that use their websites an even better experience.

So, we’re heading off to Wordcamp 2011 in July for a couple of days where we’ll be immersing ourselves in all things WordPress to hopefully return with our brains brimming over with new ways to design and develop cost effective content managed websites, and, well, we love learning new things and testing out those brain cells to the max. That’s why we love our jobs, there’s always something new out there to learn about. Some think we’re web geeks but the real geeks (meant in a ‘we’re in awe’ rather than a derogatory kind of way) are those who build this stuff. Our lives would be so much harder without their big brains.

So, to all of our current and future clients out there, watch this space for new ways to show off your business on the web with a content managed WordPress site that’s as easy for you to use as it is for your customers to read …