Benefits of a CMS

The CMS (Content Management System) allows the website owner to have control over their content whenever and wherever they like. The CMS works using a database and when new content is added to the site through the CMS this updates the database and the changes are instantly live. This means that you don’t need to ask the designer to make changes for you. At Bespoke Web Designs we aim to make any content changes you request the same day we receive the request so it doesn’t make that much difference if you have a CMS or not but other designers can take longer so a CMS might be useful.

It takes a little longer to build a site in a CMS so the cost of a website will be slightly higher but in the long run it could be more cost effective for you if you are making changes regularly with a blog or news items for instance.

You’ll be given an URL which takes you to your log in page where a user name and password will be given to you. Once logged in you can change your content to your heart’s content. Any major design changes will however need to be passed back to the designer; the CMS is there just for content editing.

If you already have a website you’re happy with but would like that extra control over it, Bespoke Web Designs can also take that site and transfer it into a CMS. There’s a whole host of open source content management systems out there which are flexible and easy to use and we can design your site in most CMSs including WordPress, MODx, Joomla! and CMS Made Simple. To be honest, they are very similar to each other but if you are already familiar with a particular one or have a certain requirement which one CMS might be better for, then we can use the one to suit your needs.

A client who regularly uses their CMS is Nicky Swann. A Devon based singer songwriter, she needs to keep her audience updated with dates of gigs and news of musical happenings in her world. She uses it for a blog, news and gigs which means her site is constantly updated and her website is what’s know as ‘sticky’.

This means that:
A: she keep her visitors intrigued and interested long enough to ‘stick around’ for a while and see what’s going on
B: she keeps them coming back for more.

Great for her and great for those all important search engine rankings.