A New Year Spruce Up

Here’s wishing everyone a healthy & happy New Year!

The New Year is traditionally the time to make resolutions which more often than not don’t last beyond the first few weeks of the year. However one of our clients has taken the opportunity of the long break over Christmas to update their website to promote thier business with much longer term goals.

When small businesses first start up they find that after a while their company (hopefully!) starts growing and they have more to say on their website, with new products or services to sell or want to promote particular areas of their business. This can be a good time to re-evaluate their site and start to expand.

At the Rapport Store the owner has a wealth of experience and can offer companies all kinds of services ranging from human resources to learning & development to coach-mentoring. As time went on she found that she wanted to promote a few core areas of her business which she found she enjoyed more and were relevant to individuals and companies in the current economic climate. Re-assessing her original website showed that there were areas which could be utilised for such purposes and call to action buttons were added to the sidebar. This enabled potential clients to easily find the most requested services directly from the home page.

Alongside this, a new bar along the bottom gave her the ability to add in social media links showing the latest tweets and blog entries which the client is now using to help promote her business by adding useful content and enhancing her web presence.

If you own or run a business or looking for employment or to recruit then it’s worth having a look at the kinds of services they offer. Contact Clare at The Rapport Store for more information.